It's okay, I will list different styles of tattooing here. I am looking to work on realistic and painterly stuff! Just follow the links below to see different types of roses done in each style of tattooing. 

REALISM : No black outline; looks like a photograph of a real thing. It's best to have a high quality photograph for these results. Artists include: Phil Garica, Nikko Hurtado
SURREALISM : Okay, so this is more of an art style than tattoo style, but it's really cool. Realism, but with impossible circumstance.  Artists include: Andres Acosta
ILLUSTRATIVE  : Usually has a lot of motion. May have a bold outline and thinner detail lines inside the image. Simpler colors. Sometimes looks like realism with an outline. Artists include: Teresa Sharpe
WATERCOLOR : Many variations. Will turn out best with black linework, and then watercolor splashes behind the linework. Other variations : [1] [2] [3]  Artists include: Ondrash, Sasha Unisex, Julian Oh, Ivanna Tattoo Art
PAINTERLY : Similar to watercolor, but with no outline or splashes. A subcategory  between realism and watercolor. 
NEO-TRADITIONAL : Often in between traditional and illustrative. Bold outlines with simple gradient colors. Artists include: Emily Rose Murray
TRADITIONAL : Bold and simple. Very limited colour palette and all lines are the same thickness. Artists include: Oliver Peck
NEW-SCHOOL : Bright, colourful and very exaggerated. Cartoony and whimsical. Very bright highlights with large range in color palette, and generally include bold lines. Artists include: Jime Litwalk

How long have you been in the BUSINESS?

I have been tattooing for 3.5 years, and working in a tattoo studio for about 4 years! I've had a full apprenticeship under Tania Hennigar at Eye Candy Ink Tattoos, where I was trained extensively in how to design and properly apply a tattoo, technique, and in cross contamination and blood borne illness. I've done everything from simple cleaning, to reception, to ordering to supplies and of course tattooing!

How do I take care of my tattoo?

I have recently started using a product called Saniderm. I will apply the Saniderm at the end of the tattoo session. Leave this clear plastic on for 24-48 hours, before peeling it off in the shower. After you peel it off, you will need to gently wash the tattoo with warm, soapy water. Be sure to use unscented, dye-free soap to avoid drying out your tattoo. Wash your tattoo with clean hands and your fingertips, as a washcloth will be abrasive to the skin. After you get out of the shower, pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel, and allow to air-dry until free of moisture. Once the tattoo feels dry to the touch, you can apply a thin layer of white based lotion, like Lubriderm. Make sure your hands are freshly washed before you touch your tattoo to avoid infection. Reapply lotion as many times a day as you need, but be careful: only apply lotion when your tattoo is dry to the touch. If it's feeling moist then there is no need to moisturize it. Make sure you wash it before you apply lotion as well. PRO-TIP: buy unscented baby wipes to clean your tattoo with so you don't have to shower multiple times a day. Do this wash-and-lotion routine for about two weeks, until your tattoo is done flaking and peeling.




DO NOT WEAR TIGHT CLOTHING (bra straps, tight pants) FOR  6 WEEKS


How much does it cost?

Tattoos vary in price depending on the size, location and detail of the piece. I usually charge by the hour, and can get a tennis ball sized piece done with decent detail in an hour. My rate is $160 per hour, with a minimum of $100 dollars. If you have to be somewhere; a meeting, school, work; it's best to reschedule your other appointment. Nobody wants a rushed tattoo!

Does it hurt?

Pain is relative. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain. However, it does hurt, just not much, people wouldn't be returning again and again for tattoo after tattoo if it did happen to hurt too much.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

 Without parent consent, 18 is our minimum age.

What can I do to best prepare for my tattoo?

Please bathe/shower and pop a breath mint. Eat a good meal within two hours of your tattoo appointment. No alcohol 24 hours before your tattoo. Avoid caffeine and energy drinks the day of your tattoo. Getting tattooed when you are sick, post or pre-surgery or very stressed out is not ideal. Furthermore, people with compromised immune systems (e.g. diabetes, Hepatitis, HIV) typically take longer to heal.

Can I get my hand tattooed?

No, sorry. Not on the side of the fingers, the thumb, or the palm. We occasionally tattoo the top of the hand, however, the design of the tattoo shouldn't be a technical piece, such as script or infinity signs. Hands never heal out that well, and they heal irregular. Most artists recommend having a full sleeve before getting a hand tattooed, as it is painful and a fairly visible placement.